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service Agora RTC
Agora RTC
SDKBuilt-in Real-time audio and video SDK
Build the future of communications with the world’s leading voice and interactive broadcasting platform. Agora delivers easy to embed Real-Time Engagement APIs which includes all the development tools and cloud infrastructure needed for mobile and desktop applications.

service Location Kit
Location Kit
Allowing you to provide flexible location-based services targeted at users around the globe.
HUAWEI Location Kit combines the GPS, Wi-Fi, and base station location functionalities into your app to build up global positioning capabilities, allowing you to provide flexible location-based services targeted at users around the globe.

service Auth Service
Auth Service
Protects your mobile and web users more efficiently with pre-built host authentication.
The AppGallery Connect auth service supports multiple authentication methods and is seamlessly integrated with other Serverless services to help you secure user data based on simple rules that you have defined.

service Cloud Storage
Cloud Storage
Store user-generated data on the cloud as needed, without maintenance
Cloud Storage is scalable and maintenance-free. It allows you to store high volumes of data such as images, audios, and videos generated by your users securely and economically with direct device access.

service Cloud DB
Cloud DB
Provide scalable and zero-maintenance cloud database services
Cloud DB is a device-cloud synergy database product that provides data synergy management capabilities between the device and cloud, unified data models, and various data management APIs.

service Cloud Functions
Cloud Functions
Run code with automated management of server resources, while ensuring high availability and auto-scaling.
Cloud Functions enables serverless computing. It provides the Function as a Service (FaaS) capabilities to simplify app development and O&M so your functions can be implemented more easily and your service capabilities can be built more quickly.


service APM
Provides minute-level application performance monitoring capability to collect application performance data.
Provides minute-level app performance monitoring capabilities. You can view and analyze app performance data collected by APM in AppGallery Connect to comprehensively understand the performance features of developed apps, helping you quickly and accurately rectify possible performance problems and continuously improve user experience.

service Crash
Enable rapid resolution with real-time, multidimensional reports.
The Crash service provides crash reports that are easy to reference and analyze. The last-hour crash report allows you to monitor the quality of your app in real time. You can be quickly integrated into your app, without the need for coding.


service Yidun
Provide one-stop service for game package reinforcement and anti-cheat
Provide developers with game package reinforcement and anti-cheat capabilities. During the development, developers integrate the SDK manually. After the build is completed, developers can reinforce the game package with just one click. Developers do not need to carry out additional development work for game security protection and can focus on the game business logic, build a game defense system with little effort. Support all platforms: Android, iOS, H5.


service Cocos SDKHub
Cocos SDKHub
Help the game quickly integrate the channel SDK
Help the game quickly integrate the channel SDK


service App Linking
App Linking
Direct your users to specific in-app content for better activity.
App Linking allows you to create cross-platform links that can work as defined regardless of whether your app has been installed by a user. When a user taps the link, the user will be redirected to the specified in-app content. In App Linking, you can create both long and short links.

service App Messaging
App Messaging
Engage users using in-app messages with individualized templates.
You can use App Messaging of AppGallery Connect to send relevant messages to target users actively using your app to encourage them to use key app functions. For example, you can send in-app messages to encourage users to subscribe to certain products, provide tips on passing a game level, or recommend activities of a restaurant.

service Remote Configuration
Remote Configuration
Changes how your app works and looks without requiring user updates
HUAWEI AppGallery Connect provides the Remote Configuration service for you to manage parameters online. With the service, you can change the behavior and appearance of your app online without requiring users to update the app.


service Vungle
The global largest independent,mobile engagement and monetization growth platform
Liftoff’s best-in-class technology enables mobile app marketers to acquire and retain high value users at scale,by delivering more than two billion engaging ads each day across more than 500,000 mobile apps in more than 140 countries through advanced machine learning,prediction intelligence and creative optimization capabilities.Vungle operates one of the largest and most diverse mobile monetization platforms,with 100k+ direct SDK integrations across leading mobile app publishers and 15k individual content creators across its influencer marketing platform,in addition to a broad suite of capabilities across user acquisition,creative technologies,and content analytics.


service Analytics Kit
Analytics Kit
Offers a rich array of preset analytics models that help you gain a deeper insight into your users, products, and content.
HUAWEI Analytics Kit (hereinafter referred to as Analytics Kit or Kit) offers a rich array of preset analytics models that help you gain a deeper insight into your users, products, and content. With this insight, you can then take a data-driven approach to market your apps and optimize your products.


service TaoBao Avatar SDK
TaoBao Avatar SDK
Assist developers in loading virtual character models from Taobao Life and playing character animations in the game scenes of Taobao mini-games.
Help developers reduce workload and enhance user experience when developing Taobao mini-games by loading virtual character models from Taobao Life, playing character animations, and integrating them into the game or software development process.