About Billing

Cocos Service provides the following paid service in the English environment. You can click the link below to view the official pricing:

Cocos users can get discounts by enabling paid services and paying through their Cocos account. Discount coupons can be obtained in the console, superimposed with official discounts.


  • In the service panel of Cocos Creator, click the Cocos Service Center button at the top right to jump to the management background.
  • On the Account page, click the Financial -> Account Balance tab in the sidebar.
  • Select Personal / Company category, click Recharge button in Account Balance.
  • Please make sure that the service-enabled game is under the Personal or Company category to avoid incorrect recharge.
  • In the upper right corner, select Dollar (USD) or RMB (CNY) to recharge.

  • Fill in the Recharge Amount, and then choose to recharge via PayPal (USD) or Alipay/WeChat (CNY).

View bill

  • Each user's fee can be viewed in Financial -> Account Balance -> Payments Record in Cocos Account console.

  • The service provider usually uses day as the settlement unit, and settles the service provider's side expenses on T+1 day. Cocos usually pulls this data on T+2 and generates bills for Cocos users. Therefore, the daily expenses deducted in the income and expenditure details are usually reflected two days ago.

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